Delaware Canal

Washington Crossing, PA Area

Continental Army Soldier's Graves and Memorial

Graves and Memorial to Revolutionary War Continental Army Soldiers at Bowman's Hill Section of Washington Crossing State Park. 10/18/03

Overflow Gate for Pidcock Creek Flooding

This is a Waste Gate (also called a Waste Weir) at Pidcock Creek, Washington Crossing. Pidcock Creek flows into the canal. The Waste Gate is used to release water when Pidcock Creek flooding could cause the canal to overflow its banks. The shadow at the bottom of the photo is the Webmaster, taking the photo. It is the only image of the Webmaster on this website. 10/18/03

Hough's Creek Aqueduct

Hough's Creek Aqueduct, located below Washington Crossing, looking North. 10/18/03

Traditional Camelback Bridge

This is a good example of a traditional Camelback Bridge. This type of Camelback Bridge was commonly used along the Delaware Canal when it was an operating canal. It is located South of Hough's Creek. 10/18/03

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