Delaware Canal

Tullytown, PA Area

Canal below Tyburn Rd

This stretch of the canal below Tyburn Road is kept clean by local people. 10/25/03

Parts of a Waste Weir usually in water

The lower part of this Waste Weir (also called a Waste Gate) would normally be under water. But, there is no water in this part of the canal. If there were water, it would drain out through the screen. Waste Weirs are in a canal to allow water to be drained out of the canal to prevent an overflow or to drain the canal to allow repairs. This one is below Mill Creek Road. The Towpath Trail is crossing above. 10/25/03

Lock Four

This is Lock Four. All Locks South of here have been filled in. 10/25/03

Drop Gate on Lock Four

The upper gate on Lock Four is a Drop Gate. It is hinged at the bottom and drops to the bottom of the canal to allow a canal boat to pass over it. 10/25/03

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