Delaware Canal

Southern New Hope, PA

Lock 9, New Hope

Lock 9, looking north. The Drop Gate (a lock gate that drops down instead of having 2 doors that swing open) is at the upper end of the lock. Beyond the Drop Gate is a basin. Beyond the basin is Main Street and the site of Lock 10. 11/7/03

Lock 8, New Hope

Lock 8, looking north. Route 32 is on the left. Odette's Restaurant is on the right. The Drop Gate (a lock gate that drops down instead of having 2 doors that swing open) can be seen before the driveway in the distance. Beyond that driveway, a short distance away (but not in the photo) is Lock 9. 11/7/03

Route to New Hope Outlet Lock

Delaware Canal, New Hope looking North. The main route of the canal goes to the left. The route to the right goes to an Outlet Lock on the Delaware River. From there, canal boats used a wire trolley system to reach the New Jersey side of the Delaware River and another Outlet Lock leading into the Delaware and Raritan Canal of NJ. Odette's Restaurant is in the center. 11/7/03

New Hope Outlet Lock and Delaware River

New Hope Outlet Lock and the Delaware River. Lambertville, New Jersey is in the background. From the New Hope Outlet Lock, a wire trolley system took canal boats across the Delaware River to another outlet lock in Lambertville, NJ and provided entry to New Jersey's Delaware and Raritan Canal. 11/7/03

Water Wheel Site and Delaware River, New Hope

The building to the right is the Waterworks Condominiums. It was formerly the Union Mills Paper Manufacturing Company building. The Delaware River is in the picture and on the far left the New Jersey side of the Delaware is visible. A wing dam is in the River, raising the water level behind it. A water wheel existed at the far right side of the wing dam and near the side of the Waterworks building to to help maintain the water level in the lower section of the Delaware Canal. 11/7/03

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