Delaware Canal

Morrisville, PA Area

Calhoun St. Bridge To Trenton, NJ

This is the Calhoun Street Bridge to Trenton, NJ. Rest Rooms for canal hikers and bicyclists are under construction. 10/25/03

Waste Weir, Morrisville, PA

A Waste Weir (also called a Waste Gate) is in the canal's towpath trail here to allow water to be drained out of the canal to prevent an overflow or to drain the canal to allow repairs. In the far distance, a white bridge leading to the Calhoun St. Bridge to Trenton, NJ can be seen. The photo looks North. 10/25/03

Swan Pond, Morrisville, PA

This is the Swan Pond. It is part of the canal. At the rear of the Swan Pond and to the left a stone bridge can be seen. This is part of Bridge Street. The bridge obstructs the canal's towpath trail. Hikers and bicyclists must detour around it at a traffic light off this photo to the right. This bridge is one of several towpath trail obstructions in the canal between Morrisville and Bristol. 10/25/03

canal going into culvert at Route One

Here, the canal goes into a culvert because of the construction of Route One. The towpath trail continues around this and the canal does emerge on the other side. 10/25/03

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