Delaware Canal

Lock Tender's House Area, New Hope, PA

Locktender's House, New Hope

The Lock Tender's House at Lock 11, New Hope. A small museum with exhibits on the Delaware Canal is inside. The boats for the mule-drawn canal boat ride are in the canal waiting for their next trip. Lock 11 would be to the right of the bridge over the canal. 10/7/95

Locktender's House Murals

These murals are at the Lock Tender's House in New Hope on the Main Street side of the house. All are scenes on the Delaware Canal. The one on the left is lock 13 in the Point Pleasant area. The center one is Lock 14, also in the Point Pleasant area. 11/7/03

Lock 11, New Hope

This is Lock 11. The metal straps at the bottom of the photo were used to hold the gates in place. Lock 11 is being restored and made operational. Photos of the restoration are in the Special Sections. 11/07/03
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Site of Lock 10, New Hope

This is Main Street, New Hope. Lock 10 was located where Main street crosses the Canal. The fence is where the canal ends before it begins again on the other side of Main Street. The Lock 11 Lock Tender's House is approximately where the green trees are on the left side of Main Street. 11/7/03

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