Delaware Canal

Bristol, PA, Lock One to the Delaware River

Site of Lock One

The rectangular shape in the asphalt marks the site of Lock One. Most of the parking area visible beyond the site of Lock One was a basin used by canal boats. 10/25/03

Site of Locktender's House and view of Bristol Marsh

The sign in the concrete is near the site of the Lock One Locktender's House. Behind the sign is Bristol Marsh. 10/30/03

Site of the gates for the Tidal Lock

The sign in the photo marks the site of the gates leading into the tidal lock. Bristol Marsh is off the picture to the right. The parking lot that covers the site of the basin is off the picture to the left. In the distance is the Delaware River. At that end was another set of gates which allowed boats to go into the Delaware River for a possible tow to Philadelphia, PA. 10/30/03

Site of the big crane with the Delaware River behind it

The circular area in the photo is called The Ring. It marks the location of a big crane used to unload canal boats if they were not going into the Delaware River. The Ring has canal related pictures in it. Beyond the Ring is the Delaware River. On the other side of the Delaware River is the State of New Jersey. 10/25/03

Picture of the big crane

This picture of the big crane is one of the photos inside The Ring. 10/25/03

The End

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