Delaware Canal Photos

Lock 11, in New Hope, PA, is being restored!

May, 2004

Lock 11 under construction

Delaware Canal Lock 11 being restored. Main Street (Route 32 is on the right). The Locktender's House Museum is hidden behind the tallest evergreen tree. The photo is looking north. 5/29/04

Lock 11 Dropgate will be placed across the lock here

When the restoration is completed, a Drop Gate will be at the end of the lock closest to you. A Drop Gate is type of lock gate that is hinged at the bottom. When a Drop Gate is open, it lays flat on the bottom of the lock. The spikes coming out of the left side of the lock are remnants of the original lock gate. The photo looks south. 5/29/04

Lock 11 Lock Tender's House Museum and temporary Lock 11 construction dam

This is the Lock 11 Locktender's House Museum and a temporary construction dam to keep water out of Lock 11. Lock 11 is off the photo to the right. The sterns of the boats for the mule-drawn canal boat ride can be seen on the left. 5/29/04

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