Delaware Canal

Bristol, PA, Grundy Mill to Mill Street

Grundy Mill at Sunset

This is the Grundy Mill at Sunset. Along the Mill is the last watered section of the canal when going South. Beyond this section, the canal has been filled in. 10/30/03

Canal Route goes under this school

The route of the canal goes under the middle of this Bristol, PA school. The photo looks north. 10/25/03

Site of Lock Three

This is the site of filled-in Lock Three. The white lines in the ground are stones outlining its boundaries. The photo looks South. 10/25/03

Site of Lock Two

This is the filled-in site of Lock Two. The white stones mark the lock's boundaries. The Photo looks North. 10/25/03

Mill Street, Bristol Bridge

Behind the Brick Building is the Mill Street Bridge. The canal went under the bridge. The bridge, built by the Pennsylvania Railroad, was once a part of the original Pennsylvania Railroad route through Bristol. The Pennsylvania later altered its route through Bristol to what is now route that the main line of Amtrak uses going through Bristol. After going under the Mill Street Bridge, the canal's water went in two directions. One direction took it straight toward Bristol Marsh. The other direction, the one the canal boats took,made a bend to come toward Lock One. 10/25/03

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