Delaware Canal

Easton, PA Area

Lehigh and Delaware Rivers

Lehigh River (on left) and Delaware River. The bridge over the Delaware River is the Free Bridge between Easton, PA and Phillipsburg, NJ. Because a fish ladder is being repaired, a barrier is going into the Delaware River. The Delaware Canal's 60 mile route to Bristol, PA begins near where this photo was taken. 9/23/00

Lehigh River Dam and Easton PA

Easton Dam on Lehigh River and Easton,Pa from South Easton. The Lehigh's confluence with the Delaware River is off the picture to the right. 7/13/02

Lock 24, Easton, PA

Lock 24, Easton PA, near the confluence of the Lehigh and Delaware Rivers.From the right is the Weigh Lock, used to weigh boats for toll purposes. Next to it is the Lock used by canal boats to enter the canal. To the left of that lock is a bypass for water when lock was not in use or needed repairs. Crossing above the lock is a railroad bridge built by the Lehigh and Hudson River Railroad. It crosses the Delaware River from Easton to Phillipsburg NJ. It is still used for railroad purposes. 9/23/00

Morris Canal Entry Arch and Jersey Central Railroad Bridge

Near Lock 24, a railroad bridge built by the Jersey Central Railroad crosses the Delaware River to Phillipsburg, NJ. To the left of the bridge on the NJ side is the stone entry arch of the Morris Canal, which ran from Phillipsburg, NJ to Jersey City, NJ. A cable ferry brought canal boats across the Delaware River. The railroad bridge is still in use. In 1924, the Morris Canal was closed and dismantled. 9/23/00

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