Delaware Canal

Durham Furnace, PA to Kintnersville, PA

Durham Aqueduct

This is Durham Aqueduct. It goes over Cook's Creek. The photo looks North. 9/28/02

Lock 21 at Durham Furnace

Lock 21, at Durham Furnace, looking North. An Iron Furnace existed near here during the 1700's and 1800's. 9/28/02

Gallows Run from Gallows Run Aqueduct

This is Gallows Run looking upstream. This Photo was taken from the Gallows Run Aqueduct. 10/13/01

Lock 20 and Nockamixon Cliffs

Lock 20, below Kintnersville. Route 32 is on the right. The Nockamixon Cliffs rise to the right of Route 32. 9/28/02

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